The GershWIEN Project (2019)


1. Penderecki - Three Miniatures: 1. Allegro
2. Penderecki - Three Miniatures: 2. Andante Cantabile
3. Penderecki - Three Miniatures: 3. Allegro Ma Non Troppo
4. Gershwin - Rhapsody In Blue
5. Shaw - Concerto For Clarinet
6. Sarasate - Zigeunerweisen, Op. 20
7. Schumann - Three Romances, Op. 94: 1. Nicht Schnell
8. Schumann - Three Romances, Op. 94: 2. Einfach, Innig
9. Schumann - Three Romances, Op. 94: 3. Nicht Schnell
10. Poulenc - Hommage À Édith Piaf, Fp 176
11. Poulenc - Clarinet Sonata, Fp 184: 1. Allegro Tristamente
12. Poulenc - Clarinet Sonata, Fp 184: 2. Romanza
13. Poulenc - Clarinet Sonata, Fp 184: 3. Allegro Con Fuoco

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About Album

Contrasting classical collection. A clarinet and a piano, together like you’ve never heard before.

Radutu’s and Adenberger’s unlimited love for music results in probably the most diverse album for clarinet and piano you’ve ever heard. Modern humor and dark deepness in Penderecki’s Miniatures, America’s jazz of the 20s and 30s in Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue and Shaw’s Clarinet Concerto, Spanish gypsy virtuosity, German elaborate romance and French singing melancholy.

All-in-one by two soloists and chamber musicians, with Viennese warmth and cosmopolitan perception.

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Artists: Maria Radutu, Markus Adenberger
Label: All Sound Around
Release Date: 22-3-2019
Genre: Classical
People: Maria Radutu (Piano), Markus Adenberger (Clarinet)

Album Reviews

Wer heute eine CD macht, muss ein dramaturgisches Konzept haben: dieses hier ist wienerisch und kosmopolitisch, zeitgenössisch mit Penderecki bis traditionell bei Schumann, es ist in der Besetzung reduziert und doch klangvoll, humorvoll schmissig und schwermütig bis zur Erträglichkeit.

Irene Suchy, Ö1

The GershWIEN Project - a program that someone else could not come up with ... In a reduction of two instruments Gershwin's Rhapsody loses its color in blue, but gains in jazzy impulses ... Sarasate's Gypsy weights ... also change color without having to add a lot of pepper ... American jazz clarinetist Artie Shaws Clarinet Concerto ... is new and just as nice. So enjoy this enthusiastic and surprising program.

Jan de Kruijff

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