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ALL ABOUT EVE – Eve without Adam

ALL ABOUT EVE – Eve without Adam

Two female artists on equal terms stand up for female composers and their stories.

A program that offers women and their musical creations a stage: Their stories, experiences, motivations, and first and foremost their music: lively, diverse, creative and courageous!

Sophie Heinrich (violin) and Maria Radutu (piano) have more in common than just their mastery of their instruments and their passion for music: they are both storytellers. In their solo programs, they have created individual ways of bringing familiar and unfamiliar music to the audience in a narrative way: Radutu with her PianoBox and Heinrich with Almas Musiksalon. Maria invites them into the worlds of various musical styles, using her voice to help them find their own contemporary, modern approach to the music presented. Sophie uses texts and stories to carry an audience away to past eras and the emotional worlds of their composers. She uses quotes from diaries or letters to present the composers as individuals, making their works more approachable and accessible.

The two power women combine the best of both worlds in their joint program „All About Eve.“ This program provides a stage for women and their musical works from any era. It‘s about their stories, experiences, motivations, and above all, their music: like the story of the two Boulanger sisters – both awardwinning for their work – who had a touching and deep relationship beyond death; the vibrant, imperturbable power of Afro-American composer Florence Price‘s music, who was not allowed to attend a concert hall in her day due to the colour of her skin; the spirited and harmonically complex sonata by Croatian- Hungarian composer Dora Pejačević, a highly educated, modern woman of the 1920s; or the imaginative mystical music of her contemporary Lera Auerbach.

What all the women have in common is vitality, creative diversity, quality and courage. Today, by using music and text, these exceptional artists pick „Eve‘s ripe apples“ and entice to taste the fruits of that tree, which women courageously planted in the past. Today the lush magnificence of that tree cannot be ignored!


Nadia Boulanger (1887 – 1979): Vers la vie nouvelle for Solo Piano

Lili Boulanger (1893 – 1918): Nocturne & Cortege for Violin & Piano

Lera Auerbach (*1973): 24 Preludes, Op. 41: Prelude No. 1 in C Major

Nkeiru Okoye (*1972): African Sketches, IV. Drums Calling for Solo Piano

Florence Beatrice Price (1887-1953): Fantasy for Violin & Piano No.2

Amy Beach (1867-1944): Sonata for Violin & Piano Op.34, II Scherzo

Dora Pejacevic (1885- 1923): Sonata for Violin and Piano in B Flat Minor, Op. 43, Slavic

Sofia Gubaidulina (*1931): A. Piazzollas “Le Grand Tango” arr. for Violin & Piano


Sophie Heinrich – Violin, Moderation
Maria Radutu – Piano, Moderation


Sophie Heinrich


Sophie Heinrich was born in Augsburg and has been performing since she was four years old.

Her musical studies took her to Berlin, to the renowned Hanns Eisler Academy of Music under Prof. Weithaas, and to the Lübeck Academy of Music under Prof. Brandis.  She is the winner and prize-winner of several international competitions and has received scholarships from the “Studienstiftung des Dt. Volkes”, the “Deutsche Stiftung Musikleben” and the “ZEIT- Stiftung”, among others.  From 2012 to 2023, Sophie Heinrich gained significant attention as First Concertmaster: first in a permanent position at the Komische Oper Berlin, then, as the first woman in history in this position in the Vienna Symphony Orchestra. The cinema documentary “Tonsüchtig” (2020) provides a beautiful document about this.

She has also appeared as guest concertmaster in orchestras such as the Bavarian State Opera, the Dresden Staatskapelle, the Bayer. Rundfunk or the Staatskapelle Berlin. She performs regularly as a soloist and chamber musician and is invited to international festivals. Recordings for 3sat, Takt1 (Strauss’ “Das Heldenleben” with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra), arte, ORF, Deutschlandfunk, MDR, BR etc. document her solo and chamber music skills, as well as those as a concertmaster.

Sophie Heinrich has been a professor for violin at the Stella Vorarlberg Private University of Music since 2021 and is an internationally invited mentor. Encouraging young women to have more courage and self-confidence, also in leadership matters, is a strong focus of hers.



Maria Radutu


Born in Bucharest, Austrian-Romanian pianist Maria Radutu was known as a child prodigy in the 1990s and has won over twenty national and international prizes.

After receiving her concert diploma at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, her solo career has taken her to Europe, Asia and the USA, to concert halls such as Carnegie Hall, Prince Mahidol Hall in Bangkok, the Großer Saal of the Vienna Konzerthaus, the Vienna State Opera, the Salle Gaveau in Paris, the Auditorio Nacional in Madrid, the Sala Radio in Bucharest, the Smith Center in Las Vegas and the National Concert Hall in Taipei. She has performed as a soloist with the RSO Vienna, the Vienna State Opera Orchestra, the Zagreb Philharmonic, the Orquesta Clasica Santa Cecilia, the Cottbus Philharmonic Orchestra, the California Symphony and the Las Vegas Philharmonic, among others.

Her album “Phoenix” has reached half a million streams, her previous album “Insomnia” was released by Decca Records and was reviewed as a “First Class listening experience“ (Die Presse). The latest album includes Shostakovich’s 1st Piano Concerto together with the RSO Vienna, Dirk Kaftan and Selina Ott. In her projects, she combines piano music with other art forms such as modern dance, music videos, painting, wine tastings, storytelling, jazz and world music. In her concert format “PianoBox”, as a live concert and podcast, Radutu emotionally communicates music across the boundaries of language, style and background.

Maria Radutu is a Steinway artist and the artistic director of the piano festival “Keys to Heaven” at Esterházy Castle in Eisenstadt.