“Classical Power for Workout” – my Playlist on Spotify

“Classical Power for Workout” – my Playlist on Spotify

Some years ago a good friend told me, while listening to a piece I was working on for my album Joujoux, „that is really cool, it’s like hard rock in classic“.

I believe she was right, because some classical pieces give me probably the same amount of adrenalin a heavy metal fan feels while listening to Panthera. Most of classical music connoisseurs are used to listen to classical music as an experience itself and this is good, because it indeed is the most complex form of music. But, at the same time I don’t think it is wrong to „use“ classical music for other purpose. The film industry does it very successfully and it is a way to bring it in a less elitist way to a wider audience.

Long story short, I also “use” classical music sometimes. I love cycling and when I don’t have enough time for day tours, I go for a short ride in the morning. I am not a morning person and to give me a little punch, I made a playlist of powerful workout music that makes me cycle faster, longer, stronger.

Feel free to try it out, follow it on Spotify and I am happy to receive your ideas what music should I add!

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