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KEYS TO HEAVEN – The New Piano Festival

KEYS TO HEAVEN – The New Piano Festival

At Esterházy Palace, music was created, celebrated and used for various purposes. Joseph Haydn advanced music as an art form like no other, after all: high-quality classical music should be fun, it should awaken curiosity and challenge the mind as well as evoke emotions and most importantly: it must be able to get right under the audience’s skin!

Haydn was a witness to the development of the “harpsichord that can play loudly and softly” right up to the modern piano – the new instrument played a central role in his work. At the KEYS TO HEAVEN PIANO FESTIVAL we celebrate music and what it can inspire in us, day and night, full of appreciation but without any reverence for the past , together with 30 great artists. The piano is the common thread, surrounded by dance, visual art or stories; it is the leading theme that expands the horizon while the mind is allowed to discover itself – on a weekend, as a shared experience.

It will be a weekend just like for the young people: with concerts and events almost around the clock, three days and nights full of piano music, classical, jazz, world, visual art and other exciting music formats, throughout Esterházy Palace and in the Hotel Galántha.

I am a lucky: the versatility of my instrument is hard to beat and I am delighted to bring all these facets to Esterházy Palace to win your trust: Your trust to engage in something new in a setting so rich in history.

The festival pass for all concerts is perfect for those who love shared experiences. The Hotel Galántha also offers an all-inclusive package: With all admissions, overnight stays and culinary delights. Kids are welcome to come along, as we have extra musical childcare for them during the main concerts!

All information about the individual events can be found on the festival website, and all options for attending the festival – from individual tickets to hotel packages – in the 3 links below.

I look forward to meeting you all at KEYS TO HEAVEN at the end of April!

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