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New Ensemble: Tango 5!

New Ensemble: Tango 5!

Sophie Heinrich, Violin
Miloš Todorovski, Bandoneon
Andrea Wild, Electric Guitar 
Maria Radutu, Piano
Ivaylo Iordanov, Double Bass


The five of us recently founded our new ensemble Tango 5! Out of passion for the tango, because we believe it is the fantastic essence to build on new concert formats, because we have so many ideas with it – with DJs, dancers, actors – which we want to experience together with you in the concert hall – and not only there. And because our first concert at Friday’s@7 in the Vienna Konzerthaus was so much fun!

The goal is to revive Astor Piazzolla’s tango in the quintet formation of the composer: bandoneon, violin, electric guitar, piano and double bass, the “Tango Nuevo”. But still creating very unique concert experiences: with improvisations and arrangements, sometimes jazzy, with Romanian, Bulgarian or Brazilian influences – just as our origins are very different and multicultural.

Sophie is from Germany, is concertmaster of the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra, looks back on an impressive career as a soloist and first concertmaster and has played for many years in the ensemble “Cuarteto Sol Tango”.
Andrea is Austrian, can be heard regularly in the Vienna Volksoper and we were able to persuade her to use her beautiful voice for Tango 5.
Miloš writes our arrangements, is originally from Serbia and with his bandoneon and accordion the one of us that probably moves most often outside of the world of classical music.
Ivo is Sophie’s colleague at the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra, brings his Bulgarian influences to Tango 5 and can groove on the double bass like no other. He also has the best associations when it comes to saying how the music should sound.

Where can you hear us?

There are a few dates in my concert calendar, but in order to find them quickly, here are the exact dates again:

June 6th 2022 at Wir sind Wien Festival in the Eszterházypark in Vienna
Nov. 3rd 2022 at the Art History Museum in Vienna
Nov. 22nd 2022 at the Concert Series in Wels
Dec. 3rd 2022 at MuTh with an afterwards Milonga and DJ SaTho on stage!
Feb. 15th 2023 at Mozart- Saal in the Vienna Konzerthaus


With your support, our social media presence will grow step-by-step, in the meantime find here two videos by Phoebe Violet with Oblivion and Michelangelo 70 on our freshly created YouTube Channel: