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KEYS TO HEAVEN – The New Piano Festival

KEYS TO HEAVEN – The New Piano Festival

Music was created, celebrated and used for various purposes at Esterházy Palace. Joseph Haydn has developed music as an art form like no other, because: Yes, classical music should be fun, should arouse curiosity, challenge the mind, bring out the emotions – and above all: it must touch the audience!

Haydn was a witness to the development of the “harpsichord that can play loudly and softly” through to the modern piano – the new instrument played a central role in his work. Full of appreciation, with 30 great artists, we celebrate music and what feelings it can evoke at the KEYS TO HEAVEN PIANO FESTIVAL. The piano is the main focus, surrounded by dance, visual art or stories; it is the core that broadens the horizon while the mind is allowed to find itself completely – on a weekend, as a community experience.

When designing programmes, I ask myself the crucial question: What does today’s audience need? The world around us is louder, faster and more varied, but the emotions that make us feel art up close remain the same throughout history. I see it as my job to make these feelings vibrate within you!

I am truly luck in my position: the versatility of my instrument is unlimited and I am delighted to bring all these facets to Esterházy Palace: to engage with you in something new in a historical place.