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Have you ever thought about what a piano recital “looks” like? We did think about it, and we developed the new show PIANO & DANCE, in which the finest of both art forms – music and dance – melt into each other!

What is Piano & Dance?

Eno Peçi, the powerful solo dancer of the Vienna State opera alongside the sensitive pianist, melting two worlds into one evening. Eno’s choreography is built on Maria’s stories behind the music.

Maria Radutu’s musical dramaturgy is inspired by Eno’s dance. Dancing virtuosity and pianistic fulfillment. Above all: music with flesh and blood, an evening for all senses. Spectacular, impressive, unique.



F. Chopin – 24 Preludes Op. 28
I. Stravinsky – Tango
G. Gershwin – Three Preludes for Piano
M. Karlsson – „Sovereign”
G. W. Gluck – Dance of the Blessed Spirits
M. Annau – „Ninni“
P. Constantinescu – Toccata
S. Rachmaninoff – Prelude in G Minor, Op. 23, No. 5


What others think

Unforgettable performance. A rare example of balance and complicity between music and dance. You just want to see and hear more!

Prof. Renato Zanella – Director and Choreographer – Choreo Center Europe

MuTh = Musik und Theater = Piano & Dance = die perfekte Vorstellung für unser Haus!

Prof. Elke Hesse – Director MuTh Vienna

A magical and fascinating evening, a spectacular show can be so easy – simply two artists doing exactly what they´re great at and you leave being hungry for more.

Margareta Ferek-Petric – Artistic Director Biennale Zagreb

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