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A sensitive pianist and her stories behind the music

The PIANOBOX is my most emotional event format. A concert experience with music that touches me deeply, combined with my personal story of each work, in dialogue with the audience.


With this format, I also reach people that wouldn’t go to a classical concert and create emotional moments that wouldn’t be possible to experience without music. We travel through different styles, regardless of the musical background of the audience and spend an emotional evening together.


This, because I believe that human beings have to share feelings with each other in order to be happy. A PIANOBOX creates these moments of happiness.

A PIANOBOX for every ocasion:

The Salon

The PIANOBOX in an intimate atmosphere where Maria’s piano playing and her stories behind the music are literally within reach. For up to 60 people.
45 Min. Program without intermission
75 Min. Program with or without intermission



The Concert Stage

The PIANOBOX on the big stage as a concert experience in a classical hall, for company events, congresses, festivals etc. For more than 60 people.
Full evening program
90 Min. with or without intermission



The Desired Concert

The PIANOBOX customized to your requirements, designed to fit your individual music and topic selection.
Ideal for communicating your brand message, to sustain laudatory speeches, at anniversaries, weddings etc.



Maria Radutu spielt ihre PIANOBOX-Konzerte auf einem eigenen FEURICH-Konzertflügel, der speziell auf Marias Spiel abgestimmt und mit freundlicher Unterstützung von FEURICH bereitgestellt wird. 


Holen Sie sich Maria Radutus PIANOBOX nach Hause, zu Freunden oder auf Ihre nächste Firmenveranstaltung!


Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Anfrage


PIANOBOX Impressionen

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