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Tango 5

Tango 5

A wild trip to Buenos Aires!

Have you ever been to a milonga? If not, then you should definitely do so! You will be surprised what a foreign world opens up there.

A “milonga” is another word for a dance ball, except that only Argentine tango is played at it. The “Cortina” serves as an invitation to change dance partners after three or four tango sets or so-called “tandas”. And in this “Cortina”, the tango DJ chooses to play whatever is popular: film music, Bach, Vivaldi, a bossa nova song, a jazz standard. However it only it must not be danceable! Tango5 designs its programmes according to this model of a dance club from Buenos Aires.

Tango5 revives Astor Piazzolla’s tango in the original Piazzolla quintet formation, bandoneon, violin, electric guitar, piano and double bass. With improvisations and arrangements, sometimes jazzy, Romanian, Bulgarian or Brazilian – just as our origins are very different and multicultural.


Sophie Heinrich, Violin
Miloš Todorovski, Bandoneon
Andrea Wild, E-Guitar
Maria Radutu, Piano
Ivaylo Iordanov, Double-bass

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